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Compassion Through Fashion

You’re invited to a spectacular evening of specialty wines, runway fashion, a silent auction and more to support disadvantaged children.

The Fashion

The Brand

Compassion Through Fashion will showcase the yet-to-be-released Winter Collection from Raza de Bronce and its internationally acclaimed designer, Jean-François Garcia. Each piece of European-inspired apparel is handcrafted in Bolivia with high-end materials that are exclusively Bolivian, Andean or Latin American. The result is exceptional quality from socially and economically sustainable production. Raza de Bronce design is original and in constant movement, reflecting a sculptural approach, searching for relief and contrast in colors or textures, as illustrated in the blend of materials.
Raza de Bronce

The Designer

Jean-François Garcia
Known as the conductor of Raza de Bronce, Jean-François Garcia puts music to the brand's artistic application, spearheading products and processes. Along with his wife and co-designer, Erika Aliaga, he firmly believes in utilizing the highly talented Bolivian artisans (a trade disappearing in the Western world) to make the clothes with exclusive, natural materials, following time-honored processes (far from mass production). He is often asked to create custom Raza de Bronce designs, including the wedding dress for the Bolivian Vice President’s wife, Claudia Fernández Valdivia.
When I first arrived in Bolivia in 2008, I felt astonished by the beauty of the country, but at the same time troubled by poverty, especially regarding children. I remember very well the first time I went to Cochabamba, Bolivia. We were having lunch with my wife, and at the same time a child was expecting us to finish to leave our dishes. I couldn't finish, as I’m very sensitive regarding kids’ living conditions. I attended a special dinner called “Banquete de Migajas” a charity event, organized by Arco Iris Founder Father José, where I watched videos about the foundation’s works for kids. I saw kids welcomed by Padre Jose, whose fathers were alcoholic, abusive…or even worse. I couldn't hide my tears, and wondered how I could help. Since then, I’ve had opportunities to perform fashion shows benefiting diplomatic associations for orphanages. I also worked with another organization to help distribute toys for underprivileged children. You can imagine my joy when Arco Iris asked me if I would agree to help them by performing a fashion show in the U.S. – it's my pleasure!
Jean-François Garcia

The Clothes

*Photos are of Raza de Bronce products from former collections.


Bolivian designer Kathyuska Carrasco will also be showcasing her collection of elegant, stunning and sophisticated handbags.

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